Flashback – Name Your Vintage

Flashback – Name Your Vintage

In 2002, we had a data loss due to a terrible hosting company and an inexperienced host (me). Luckily, I did backup the server a few times from 1999 to 2001, so I am able to go back and see some vintage HAMB from time to time. Last night while researching some numbers, I ran across an old post that I thought would be fun to share.

On April 13, 2001 I was in my second year of grad school and this site was in its 6th year. My post of the day read:

What’s your favorite period? I’m a early 50s/late 40s guy on both hot rods and kustoms… I dig subtle lines and themes on both hot rods and kustoms… Things were much more purposefull and functional back then…

I like the late 50’s and early 60s too, but….

Hot Rod: Doane Spencer
Kustom: The Barris Bros. ’40 Merc

Things haven’t changed much for me. I still love the early stuff the most and both the Spencer and Barris cars are amongst my favorites. There’s something warm about that to me… Even so, I had just as much fun reading the responses to my post as I did relishing my own consistency. You can follow me down memory lane here:

Page 1Page 2 (Please excuse the broken links and images… I didn’t take the time to clean up any code)

You’ll recognize a lot of the usernames in the thread as most of these guys are still with us and still posting regularly. And I guess this post is really dedicated to them… So speak up old timers – How have your tastes changed?

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