Worlds Smallest T Roadster?

Worlds Smallest T Roadster?

You might remember my post on the Worlds Smallest Deuce Roadster, which was a highly detailed 1:87 scale die cast. I just picked up a Schuco “Piccolo” die cast of a lil’ Model T roadster in 1:90 scale- That’s roughly an inch and a half long! It’s not as precise as the mini Spencer Deuce, but the quality and materials are there. Simply called “Ford Hot Rod”, the jet-black T features silver scallops, a chrome 33/34 ‘inspired’ grille, and bobbed fenders. Check out the red wheels with whitewalls and chrome caps, not to mention the dress-out Banger motor! It’s amazing that a traditional German die cast company like Schuco with limited presence in the US market would produce something so American as this. It goes to show you the appeal of the traditional hot rod is indeed global!

t2 t3 t1 t4 t6 t7 t8

BTW- Sorry some of the pictures are so out of focus- I had a hard time making my camera focus on something so small…


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