Traditional Innovation

Traditional Innovation

1928 Ford Coupe to Roadster

SUHRsc is an east coast guy with what seems like an endless supply of model-a roadsters. You might remember his ’29 roadster featured in the latest Rod & Kulture Magazine. The above is his latest offering and I am in love.

What actually started life as a ’28 coupe is now a perfect picture of a late 40’s track car. It starts with that front end. Man, do I love that front end… I haven’t asked, but it simply has to be inspired by the early Bugatti track stars of the 40’s. Enclosed frame horns sweeping into a smooth and widow-peaked grille shell and smartly taped scallops create an art deco/racy feel that is super hard to capture with Ford proportions. Zach pulled this one off in a major way…

 Ford Interior

The most inspiring thing though is that he didn’t rest after perfecting that nose. He kept going. Check out the little details like the wheel wells out back and the shock mounts up front. Genius. And how bout that interior? It’s still a work in progress, but we love the direction with the bright work contrasting the industrial steering wheel. The knee bend on the dash is just more smart and innovative thinking. This car suits me…

See all the shots here.

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