The Guatemalan & Road Racing ’32

The Guatemalan & Road Racing ’32

Check this shit out… In the early 1960’s, J.F. Delarm lived in Guatemala and wanted to go road racing. He didn’t have the dough for some sophisticated European road carver, so he built a ’32 roadster. And that’s literally everything I know about this car.

From the photos, however, I’ve been fascinated by three things:

1. Look at how Mr. Delarm managed the upholstery up and around the rear deck. The way the mini tonneau seamlessly intersects the seat back is so damned graceful. Brilliant.

2. The windshield. This could have gone so wrong… But the fact that he used the windshield sanctions and got the angle of attack right makes him a hero in my mind. This is, after all, a “sportscar.”

3. The dash. I love the dash. Perfect for such a car.


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