Another Day, Another RPU

Another Day, Another RPU

I seem to be obsessing on roadster pick-ups this week. On Monday I showed you a typical Ford on deuce rails with familiar proportions and a W-motor. Today, I bring ya something completely different. It’s a Dodge.

Usually, off-brand hot rods just look weird to me. It’s not that I’m some sort of Ford elitist, it’s just that I’m not used to the lines of many of these early bodies and that unfamiliarity often breeds some weird sort of contempt. That was never the case with this little Dodge though and think it’s because of the car’s compact wheel base and low stance. Of course, the attention hogging 341-inch DeSoto doesn’t hurt either…

The car was owned by Frank Wusz and the April, 1961 issue of Hot Rod Magazine says it was a family build. Oddly and although the car is shot on the strip, no mention is made of it’s performance. You gotta think it hauled ass though, right?

Editor’s note: The cover shot shows this car was painted a bright red. I damn the 1990’s for ruining that color for so many… It really does suit the look of speed and I believe red is completely underused today.

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