The Dean Jeffries Photo Thread

The Dean Jeffries Photo Thread

About five or six years ago, Rod Powell invited me to go to the Hall Of Fame banquet at the Grand National Roadster Show. It was one of those deals where you sit down to a table cloaked with a white tablecloth and topped with cold chicken and watered down tea and mentally prepare yourself to be seated for some time. I walked in expecting nothing less or more, but excited to hear the acceptance speeches and take in the scene. I never would have imagined that my seat would be next to Dean Jeffries’.

Rod introduced us and Dean quickly flashed his sense of humor.

“Young man, your excitement will soon be overcome by boredom. But you’re in luck because I brought a book that we just finished and I think you are going to like it.”

I flipped through the book as people around me partook in small talk or gave acceptance speeches for their Hall Of Fame Award. Ever so often, I would get to a page and Dean dean would lean over and whisper in my ear some small fact about the photo I was studying. By the end of the event, I felt like Dean was one of my good pals – not a legend or celebrity by any means. He was just Dean… A great guy.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to hang out with him again. He passed away earlier this week… and we lost more than a legend. We lost one of the good guys.

I keep thinking about that day at the banquet and somehow, a “memorial” thread or post isn’t all that appropriate in this case. What does seem appropriate to me is a thread dedicated to the photos that will keep Dean’s legacy alive. So, here it is… Join in.

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