Custom Ideas: Headlights

Custom Ideas: Headlights

A couple of months ago, we brought you a great little article from Custom Cars magazine that covered the basic custom treatments of ’49 to ’52 Chevy grilles. Today, I thought I’d do something similar focusing on headlight treatments. Dig these photo and captions from Bob Pendergast:

h01.jpg h02.jpg h03.jpg

h04.jpg h05.jpg h06.jpg

Not to be outdone by Custom Cars and Bob Pendergast, the publication from across the street put Dick Day, Tom Medley, and George Barris to work on a similar article that covered frenching in general. Here’s what they saw:

dd01.jpg dd02.jpg dd03.jpg

dd04.jpg dd05.jpg dd06.jpg

dd07.jpg dd08.jpg dd09.jpg

dd10.jpg dd11.jpg dd12.jpg

dd13.jpg dd14.jpg dd15.jpg


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