The Style Of Bohn

The Style Of Bohn

In honor of the Friday art show, I thought I would post a variety of Bohn advertisements that I’ve collected over the years. While they aren’t all entirely on-topic, they all do focus on form and shape – something you can never learn enough about. Inspiration fellas…

Bohn supplied aluminum, brass, ball bearings, and other resources to the aircraft industry for decades. In the 1940’s and into the 1950’s, the company was also responsible for some of the most beautiful print ads ever to be produced. The ads appeared in publications like Time and Modern Mechanix with the goal of showing folks the potential of their products. All of the ads are illustrations, but only a very few are signed by the artists. The artists behind the rest are largely unknown.

One artist that we know did contribute was George W. Walker. Sound familiar? George was the designer behind the shoebox Ford and one of the saving graces of the Motor Company itself. After ending his career at Ford, Walker did a number of freelance gigs as an industrial designer and Bohn was just one of his clients.

Enjoy the imagery fellas…

This is one of the Bohn ads known to be illustrated by George W. Walker. Note the slab sides on the futuristic sedan. bohn44rocket.jpg bohn44ship.jpg

bohn46bus.jpg bohn46liner.jpg bohn46tug.jpg

bohn47pta.jpg bohn47tractor.jpg bohn47truck01.jpg

bohn_1942_f11_car_red_01a.jpg bohn_1943_f09_car_blue_01.jpg bohn_1943_f10_tractor_01a.jpg

bohn_1943_f12_truck_01a.jpg bohn_1944_engine_01aa.jpg bohn_1944_f08_bridge_01.jpg

bohn_1945_lawnmower_02.jpg bohn_1947_motorcycle_01.jpg bohn_1947_shovel_01.jpg

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