Random Thoughts On A Busy Day

Random Thoughts On A Busy Day

I’m hitting the road tomorrow – taking four kids to the beach with the idea of celebrating their spring break. It promises to be a week of pure pandemonium and so I will be spending the rest of my day preparing for the apocalypse. It’s a volatile situation of the worst kind and one I shouldn’t joke about, but… I think it’s important to keep a light mood when the end is near. It shouldn’t hurt. Much.

In any case, this preparation work has left me with little time to write an appropriate post for you today. So, instead I’ll leave you with two random thoughts:

One. Who’s the douche bag that decided vent windows should be a thing of the past? Now I admit it – I sometimes get tired of driving an old car everyday. The novelty can very easily get lost in the hassle of it all. BUT, every time I get behind the wheel of a late model and reach for the vent window only to be met with rejection, I am reminded that a few decades ago some design/usability guy really fucked up.

I’m thinking of starting a Twitter campaign or something – BRING BACK THE VENT WINDOWS! It could fire start a new industry and save Detroit from an almost certain death. I could be a hero.

Two. I got a letter from Italy yesterday. Attached was a picture of a very Italian looking man dressed smartly in a sweater as he delicately laces one of my Borrani wheels. No detail was given, but I’ve already decided that his name is Arturo Geppetto. He has a latte every morning before work and he whistles a lot – especially at the young and beautiful Italian women that walk by the shop ever so often. He’s light hearted, jovial… And tells wonderfully subtle jokes that only Italians can understand.

He also has the steady hand of a surgeon and the patience of an archaic stone.

Just look at him… Without doubt, that man is creating life.

See y’all next week. Maybe.

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