Bruce Meyer’s “Used Cars”…

Bruce Meyer’s “Used Cars”…

Back in October, I headed down to LA for a fund-raising event at the Petersen Auto Museum. Southern California is full of so many awe-inspiring car places and great people, but I always try to connect with Bruce Meyer whenever I’m down that way. He is the consummate car guy in every sense of the word, and possesses an amazing collection of vehicles that leaves me sober in knowing I could never own even one of them. I do love when some kind soul has money AND a good heart AND *really* good car taste… A rare combination indeed. Anyway, Bruce is moving some of his iconic cars from the house to an old Beverly Hills parking garage that he recently (and quite tastefully) renovated. Dig those polished concrete floors. Yeah- He owns the Pierson Brother coupe, and the So Cal Belly Tanker, and yes, he actually loves and appreciates each of them dearly. Not to mention the Lightweight E-Type, Carrera GS coupe, early AC Cobras, 300 SL gullwing and roadster, 275 GTB, 250 SWB, Deusenberg J, and the list goes on. It’s like living in one of those “California Dreamin'” garage posters from the 80’s, only better.

Just a bunch of used cars, I guess… God Bless Bruce Meyer.

I figured since Adam Corolla released a video of Meyer’s garage last month then it was ok to post my lousy iPhone pics from two months earlier:

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