Hot Rod Doors

Hot Rod Doors

As a group, we are a capricious bunch. Which is ironic when you really think about it. I mean, we do call ourselves traditionalists, right? Even so, one year black Fords with red steel wheels are it and the next they are cliche. Young guys stick their chests out and claim they never considered such a combination and old guys fold their brows and mutter something about how they did it back in the day. Give it a decade and no matter the view, they all seem to come back around in one way or another.

Of course, each side will deny this vehemently. I suspect each is doing it right this very moment as their eyes sweep across this page. And I guess it’s only natural human behavior. Make no mistake, most of us are beyond passionate about old cars. Hell, if we are truly honest with ourselves we’ve fallen into a lifestyle. But, of course, the idea of cars being a “lifestyle” has become a vapid expression as well – over used, lame, not cool anymore…

But I’ll own up to it – Cars are my life in many ways. I live a LIFESTYLE that is based around cars in one way or another. Old cars are one of only a handful of things/people that I really live for. I mean, REALLY live for. And while I realize that makes me unfashionable at the moment, I can’t help but admit to it.

And I think that is why I enjoyed this video so much. Sure… Dude painted a pair of doors flat black and then lettered some imaginary brand on each. It’s been done. Thousands of times actually. But I can’t help it. I still like it.

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