You know what I’m thankful for? Fellas that build and restore period race cars. Think about it. These guys bust their asses on projects that they will never truly get to enjoy in the way that they were really intended. In this day and age of litigation and soft knocks, finding a track owner willing to risk his own ass so that these guys can risk theirs is quantifiably impossible. By all accounts, it’s a lost cause.

Even so, a small sub-culture of fanatics continue to restore race cars to period perfection. Some crazy bastards even build new cars from scratch to period regulations. It amazes me that they do it, but I love them for it… Because there is nothing more pure in this world that an early race car.

I found the below images while browsing the H.A.M.B. and thinking about Thanksgiving. I couldn’t help but throw it out…


Thank You Jeff.

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