Chopping A Fat Ford

Chopping A Fat Ford

In the 1952 issue of “How To Build Hot Rods” the publishers used six full page spreads to discuss the art of chopping a 1936 Ford 5-window.┬áTo be honest, the copy of the article isn’t the most readable. And frankly, the end result (pictured above) isn’t the best profile I’ve seen from a chopped ’36 5w, but two illustrations that accompanied the article are nothing short of brilliant. Check it out:

I’ve seen plenty of these cars in the process of being cut and I’ve even helped sweep the floor once the job was done, but I’ve never seen the theory of such a complicated chop laid out so simply. I love the way the innovated men of our past attacked a problem and how they went about explaining their methods. It’s just… I dunno… Awesome.

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