2012 Hot Rod Revolution

2012 Hot Rod Revolution

We learned early on in the planning of the 2012 Hot Rod Revolution that Major Davis was not a man to cross. He also let us know early that, for whatever misguided reasons, he approved of us as a group and our vision for this show. Even so, we treaded lightly and watched our steps in fear of seeing the flip side of a man capable of doing god-knows-what to simple civilians such as Keith, Will, Steve, and myself.

So it was with a certain amount of hesitation that I approached the Major as the Revolution was wrapping up. I had brushed elbows with him earlier in the day as we all rushed around trying to figure and fix an electrical issue that had caused a “sound out” on the stage. And I saw him a little while later browsing the show with his family. There was no way to be certain as to the impression we had left with him – I thought we had done a pretty good job, but what if we hadn’t in his eyes?

“Major Davis,” I called out as I reached to shake his hand.

He grabbed for mine as he spoke. “The General was good enough to take time out of his schedule to join us here on the parade field today. He was very pleased with the turnout of both cars and people. You gentlemen have done a stand out job with the show.”

“That’s great news sir,” I replied. I’m almost certain he could see the relief on my face, but I tried like hell to play it cool.

“Please! Stop calling me sir. Just call me Les,” he shot back with a smile on his facing knowing that was one order I could never follow.

“Yes sir,” I replied. And with that, the Major walked away… Leaving me with a smile on my face and a new understanding of what it might be like to be a soldier in that man’s army. Later, I learned that the Major approached Will, Steve, and Keith individually with the same news. I have to admit, it felt damn good to please a General… and a Major…

The Revolution really is incredible. To think that we gather a 130 or so hot rods driven by HOODLUMS and place them on a parade field managed by the US Army (on an active military base no less) and come away from the whole deal sans any kind of demerit is nothing short of miraculous. In two years on the base, we haven’t had a single MP infraction – not a burnout, not a grass eased doughnut, not a speeding ticket, not a bonehead one…

It’s a testament to you guys really. Every year we do this show and every year more and more folks come out to see it, but everyone that attends and participates just seems to get it. We couldn’t be more appreciative of that. Sincerely. I don’t know if the words, “Thank You,” are big enough given the circumstances, but that’s all I have at the moment. At least until next year…

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