“For every great social movement, for every catalyst of explosive change, and for every idea that brought on new light, I’ll show you a delinquent that was young in years or heart.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald said something along those lines and I’ve always held the quote close. Sometimes it’s easy to get comfortable… content… and, as a result, fall short of your ultimate goal in life and work. Every now and then, I think it’s healthy for all of us to raise a little hell with a purpose. Remember that – It will do you good.

Around the late 1990’s, not many “real” media folks were paying full attention to the traditional hot rod and custom movement. For the most part, there were no cover-to-cover traditional publications, no reality shows, and no coast-to-coast circus acts looking to cash in on the latest craze. Instead, there were small pockets of like minded folks located throughout the country with an almost zen-like passion. And as often is the case with small movements like this, independent ‘zines started popping up here and there to spread the word and support the scene. Most of them weren’t much better than the toilet paper that they often replaced, but we bought them anyway.

Mag-Neto (published by Tony “Flash” Dowers) was something different. It was the first ‘zine that really caught my eye as something more than just a publication. It was designed beautifully, it was tactile to hold, and it was put together with a real sort of quality in mind. I loved it instantly.

Flash went on to put out a few books sporadically throughout the 2000’s even as the mainstream wiped out other independents, but we haven’t seen a new issue in a few years now. Just last week he shocked our little world and announced issue #19. The world is better for it. Details here.

Anyway, as I was reading the latest issue of Mag-Neto last night and thinking about the Fitzgerald quote, I began to realize that it’s time to get back to my roots. It’s time to raise a little hell again.

Hoodlums world wide, right?

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