Hello Mr. Winfield

Hello Mr. Winfield

His equals call him, “Gene.” His old friends call him, “Windy.” I call him, “Mr. Winfield.” Considering all he has done for the hot rod and custom world and recognizing just how far up I have to look to see that genuine smile of his, I don’t know if it would be appropriate to call him anything else. Mr. Winfield is a gentleman, a craftsman, and a legend… And now, he’s all ours.

Starting next month, Mr. Winfield will be taking a seat here at The Jalopy Journal and throwing around his hot rod and custom knowledge. It truly is an honor and a privilege of the highest degree and I couldn’t be more excited to be in the presence of such greatness. My instincts tell me that this is going to be epic.

In any case, to help jump start the conversation with Mr. Winfield we’ve decided to field a few questions from the membership. I’m sure there are many of you out there that have always wanted the chance to pick his brain and get some insight and I figured this was the perfect opportunity. Here’s what ya do:

1. Send an email with your questions to: winfield@jalopyjournal.com

2. Be sure to include your H.A.M.B. username and any related imagery.

3. At some point next month, we will sit down and post as many answers as we can in hopes of jump starting some interesting custom conversations.

So, don’t be shy… Now is the time. Now is your opportunity. Send us your questions!

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