Tech Week: We Have Winners!

Tech Week: We Have Winners!

I was gonna write an investigative piece on the perils of tech week success and the doom that many past winners have faced, but I decided that might be a bit inappropriate given the circumstances. We do, after all, have some brand new winners on our hands and I’d hate to get in their minds so soon after their victories. So for now we will just forget about the “Tech Week curse” and move on to the announcements…

First place: WingedExpress – How To Build A Door For Your Model-T

Dude seems to be able to shape sheet metal with a piece of wood and a rock. What in the hell is he gonna be able to create with his brand new Baileigh BB-4816M Magnetic Box and Pan Brake? I hear the privatized space industry is booming. Good luck with that Oh-Winged-One.

Second Place: Smokey – Casting A Metal Nameplate

We’ve had plenty of “How To Cast” posts in the past, but who ever thought of melting down old Pewter trophies only to rebirth them as a nameplate for your car? I’ll tell ya who did – SMOKEY. Congrats man… Enjoy your new fully welded set of Chevy Small Block Lake Headers and by the way, I always loved you in that movie, “Friday.”

Third Place: Niceguyede – Fabbing A Model-A Floor

I guess nice guys really do finish last – heh? Or in this case, third. But isn’t third really just the second place loser? Awe hell, we will give him his “you weld it? Chevy Small Block Lake Header kit from Gear Drive anyway. He deserves it as his tech post really was quite keen.

And, of course, after our biggest tech week ever we have to do some smoozing… So many people make these things happen. First and foremost, a big thanks to everyone that contributed with tech articles, feedback, and votes. I love you guys. Seriously. All of you. In a completely heterosexual way for the most part.

And Zman – you have no idea how much your organization skills help out. You are a complete and total pain in the ass for about 10 months out of the year… and then a god send for the other two. Thank You.

Gear Drive. This is their second tech week to sponsor, but they’ve supported our events and other activities for years. Family.

Baileigh Industrial. I don’t even want to know how much money in merchandise they’ve given out for our tech week events in the past couple of years – 20 or 30 large? It’s certainly up there. And it’s high time that I spill my heart out on these folks. Thank you from the bottom for everything you’ve done for us as a community. It means the world. Great folks.

Editor’s Note: I am officially on vacation for the next couple of days. If you need me for anything, you might be screwed… but I will do my best to keep up with the old email account.

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