’38 Fords a go…

’38 Fords a go…


I guess it is only natural that my first real post on The Jalopy Journal is about a ’38 Ford. My passion for them started while I was researching vintage dirt track racing back in the early 90’s. Amazingly (to me anyway), the fellas back in the day considered this model somewhat homely. As a result, it was the ’38 that was often chosen to go under the knife in preparations for the big dirt races of the time. It’s really pretty ironic that a car considered by most historic rodders as ugly now has such a rich racing tradition… And it was that heritage that really tickled my interest.

Apparently, I’m not the only one. H.A.M.B. member “Harrison” recently picked up his dream car – a 1938 Ford Deluxe Coupe. You can read more about it in Harrison’s words here.

To see some incredible 50’s era stock photos and learn more about the ’38 Ford’s heritage, check out The Vintage Racer.

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