Notes From The War Desk

Notes From The War Desk

Not a lot of down time here at The Jalopy Journal World Headquarters. Due to the H.A.M.B. Drags, I’m a week behind on stamping Alliance tags. I had originally planned on getting them done yesterday, but a frantic and classified call from Major John Davis changed those plans. A Revolution is a brew and the good Major called a line up to make sure things were in order. They were and thankfully so as I’m certain anything less than a perfect plan book would have resulted in pushups or wind sprints or some other kind of physical torture. The United States Army likes things done a specific way.

But none of that is here nor there at the moment. Nope. This is just a quick note to keep you, the faithful reader, abreast on current events. At the moment, I’ve got three announcements:

1. The Hot Rod Revolution will be held on November 3, 2012 at Camp Mabry in Austin, TX. Either the Army likes old hot rods or they simply just like to keep an eye on us. Either way, we win as we have been granted access to the parade field again. Registration will start later this week – I’ll make an announcement when we are ready to take your submissions.

2. Mobile Applications. There are now three new mobile apps out in the world:

The Jalopy Journal for iPhone/iPad

The Jalopy Journal for Android (Google Play)

The Jalopy Journal for Kindle (Amazon)

To put it frankly, we are mobile app drunkards. And as such, there most likely is a bug or two in one or all three of these apps. However, we think we have them ironed out pretty well. Oh yeah – and finally, the “price” and “location” fields in the classified section are viewable on your mobile device. So, that’s a huge win.

3. Alliance Tags are shipping. Nothing will stop me from stamping and shipping today. Not even a General. Promise.

God Bless America.

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