Fear the Yoder!

Fear the Yoder!

I remember going to Bobby Walden’s shop party one year after the Grand Nationals and admiring the gigantic power hammer over in the corner. Up to that point I had never year of a Yoder, or realized what an amazing tool it really is. The old original Yoder power hammers are rather hard to come by (I believe Bobby’s is WWII era) since they were really only sold to heavy industries. If you do find one for sale, it will cost more than a nice ’49 Merc and weigh almost as much. Operating one takes considerable patience and skill, in the right hands however, a metal worker can gracefully curve steel, like Walden’s roof inserts, or planish any gauge wrinkle you can throw at it. Hearing the Yoder in person as it violently beats metal into submission is humbling. Just keep your fingers away… Fear the Yoder!

If your unaware of how this evil beast operates, here’s a Fay Butler video of one in action:

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