The 2012 H.A.M.B. Drags

The 2012 H.A.M.B. Drags

You can’t hoard fun – it has no shelf life. So, you might as well go full throttle at any opportunity presented. Despite a detractor or two, the H.A.M.B. Drags just might represent the best opportunity available for any fein of traditional drag racing and hot rods to do just that – go all out with no regard for tomorrow morning… or even next week. For me, at least, it’s THAT fun.

Of course, I’m well practiced at this point. The 2012 H.A.M.B. Drags was our tenth effort in as many years. The first time we set out to take down MoKan, I was a twenty-six year old single kid. Now, I’m a married father of three and the H.A.M.B. Drags is the best traditional drag race in the country. Time has weathered this thing into something wonderful. Really, it has.

The tenth couldn’t have gone much better. The weather was perfect, the crowd was laid back, and the racing action was anything ┬ábut… Or so I’m told. I spent most of the day working and stressing out over absolutely nothing. Although we had the largest crowd we’ve ever had at a H.A.M.B. Drags, we’ve never had an event go smoother. No muss, no fuss…

It always takes me until Saturday night to realize just how much fun I’ve really had. Sitting in a dark and empty Hotel parking lot late-at-night/early-in-the-morning with a few close friends and a few too many beverages forces everything to sink in. And when that happens, I smile and laugh a lot. It’s actually pretty euphoric… and then the weird shit starts happening. Saturday night is always the best night – unfailingly.

So the tenth is past us and it’s on to the eleventh. I’ll be there and I hope the same old crew will be too. It wouldn’t be the same with out all of you. And so it is appropriate that I drop a few thank you’s here:

1. MoKan Dragway. The best fellas at the best track. They always treat us right and we couldn’t do a damned thing without them and their true understanding of just what it is we are all about.

2. The girls. You fellas might have noticed we were down a few girls this weekend. As such, the sisters had to kick it into high gear and manage more people than we ever have with fewer folks staffing the tent. Marcie, Jill, and Holly pulled it off without breaking a sweat. I love them all more than I can say here.

3. Kevin Lee. He’s my H.A.M.B. Drags muscle and has my back without fail every year. He and Tuck (thanks Tuck!) had the thankless job of running the front gate during the morning hours. Neither of them got swung at and that’s a true testament to both the great weather and the good people.

4. The Texans. I have the best friends anyone in this world could ask for. It means the world to me that they make the long haul from the south just to support me and the Drags. They are all family.

5. Ryno. That dude just came from nowhere and continues to do so much for us and the planning of the event. He’s everybody’s favorite local. How couldn’t he be?

6. Rashy. Whether it is 105-degrees or 85-degrees, he always makes sure the ladies in the tent are comfortable.

7. Everybody and I mean everybody that comes out and supports this race with both their cars and their bodies. Together we have created something that is truly amazing. I’m in love with the H.A.M.B. Drags because of you guys. Truly.

And I’m sure I’m forgetting someone here. It’s sunday night and I’m sitting in Okahoma City with one-eye closed and the other begging to do the same. Dog tired. And really happy.

Thank you all. Lots of photo coverage to come…

Editor’s Note: Feature photo above taken by my attorney.

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