It Happened in Monterey…

It Happened in Monterey…

Or should I say it’s happening there right now! There couldn’t be two bigger contrasts in the car world than Bonneville Speed Week and Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, yet they are both must-do experiences at least once in your life, in my opinion. In 1950 (1 year after the first SCTA meet at Bonneville), the first Concours was held in conjunction with the first Pebble Beach Road Race. The Best of Show that year, which is pictured above, went to a 1950 Edwards R-26 Special Sport Roadster owned by its creator, Sterling Edwards.

These days Pebble is a place where only the very best of the best vehicles in the world are invited ‘on the lawn’ for the chance to receive the most prestigious award possible. The car has to be restored perfectly, flawless in finish (unless it’s in the ‘preservation class’), and historically significant and/or extremely rare. If you *really* appreciate quality and rarity, then you’ll find a way to part with your entire wallet to attend this event, cause it ain’t cheap! However, Pebble Sunday is only part of the picture in Monterey that weekend- There are Historic Races at Laguna Seca, Automobile Art showings, All Italian and All German car shows, plus the major Auction houses are in town tempting the Rolex Set with new tin to purchase. Speaking of car auctions, Mecum has a ’40 Mercury Pre-War Custom that some of you will recognize from past Sacramento or Pomona shows. It’s the Charles Marr and Gerry Huth custom that was chopped 3″ when the car was still brand new in late 1939! Read more about the car here.

See ya on the lawn!

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