Rare Bonneville Pictures Aug. 1962

Rare Bonneville Pictures Aug. 1962

I have an old disc labeled “Vintage Hot Rod Pictures- Mike Smith’s Collection” that’s been sitting in my desk drawer for many years (I called Mike to ask permission to use them, and he had almost totally forgotten about sending me the disc). I just popped it in the other day, and of the 150+ photos, it looks like most if not all of these black and white beauties have never been published.  Cool HAMB exclusive, right? The only downside is that they were scanned at a fairly small size, so not much detail to zoom in on. Nonetheless, I never get tired of seeing original photos taken on location when hot rod history was literally taken place. In the spirit of next month’s SCTA event, I’ve grabbed the images that were taken at Bonneville in the golden year of 1962. You’ll see Burt Monroe’s (Worlds Fastest) Indian, and Bob McGrath’s Redhead at her 1962 debut when the car a new single engine record of over 300 mph. See if you can identify the tandem Thunderbird-powered streamliner the last detail shots.

Lots of gems here for you to enjoy, and more to come…


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