The H.A.M.B. Drags Are Coming!

The H.A.M.B. Drags Are Coming!

Holy Jesus… I’ve been so busy packing and shipping books that I completely lost track of time. The H.A.M.B. Drags are a little over a month away! I think I slipped into some kind of a space/time continuum spawned by over exposure to cardboard or some shit like that. Nothing else could explain such a brutal fast forwarding in life. August 18th is approaching far too quickly.

So, I need to get my shit together. First step? Admitting it to myself.

Preregistration is going swell. And as proof, I randomly selected a few images from the registration box without so much as reviewing them or even formatting them for this post. Here is the result:

And as always, if you want to race or even park on the pit side, you gotta pre-register. You can get it on here. It’s our tenth anniversary and I think it’s gonna be a pretty good one, so you had better hurry and make it happen. Space is limited at this point.

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