LustreTone ’55: Vintage Indiana Drag Pics pt 3

LustreTone ’55: Vintage Indiana Drag Pics pt 3

Here we go with the third set of scans from these blurry-but-cool 1955 drag race pictures, probably taken in Indiana by the license plates. There are a few notable images in this bunch like the wicked, chopped 5 window coupe with Drag-Ons club plaque and the unidentified American sports car roadster that looks to be a home-built fiberglass model… Does anybody know what make this car is?  Check out the wild mid-engine Flathead drag car with a stretched 30/31 A Roadster body. There is also Art Arfons Green Monster “Jr.” powered by some mysterious aircraft engine- You’ll see Green Monster #2 in a later pic as well. I was surprised at the number of motorcycles running against cars at this particular event. You’ll see more of those pictures next time.

Lots of good stuff here…

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