The Reliability Release Run – Photography!

The Reliability Release Run – Photography!

I took over 150 shots of the Reliability Release Run this weekend. Some of them are even pretty good by my standards and I was pretty excited to show them off until I was sent a link to Tim Sutton’s gallery of coverage. Jesus god, I hate that man with the passion of something fiery. There’s a reason we picked him as the official photographer of The Jalopy Journal in print.

So, if you can’t beat them – steal from them. Right?

Dig on this:

You can see more on Tim’s blog here.

Editor’s Note: We have sold out of the first shipment of books, but expect the second shipment to be here today or tomorrow. The bottleneck of the operation isn’t the shipments so much as it is me. I’m packing and shipping as fast as I possibly can. Be patient and it’ll pay dividends.

Thanks y’all.

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