Worlds Smallest Deuce Roadster??

Worlds Smallest Deuce Roadster??

On my hot rod shelf of knick knacks I have a number of car toys of all makes and models, but one stands out by it’s remarkable size (or lack thereof). It’s a Ricko 1:87 th scale replica of the 1932 Doane Spencer Roadster, measuring just over 1.5″ long and incredibly detailed for how tiny it is. The gloss black body is actually metal with lots of miniature trim detail, including chrome interior door pulls, brown shift knob, and individual dash gauges. It’s hard to believe someone hand-painted and assembled this little gem, but it’s even more amazing that Ricko sold any amount of them. It was never imported to the US through major hobby chains (two years ago, I paid a hefty 16 Euros or $20 for it!) and most 1:87 (HO Scale) collectors go for European sports cars or typical ‘train scene’ vehicles, rather than traditional American hot rods. The base is simply labeled “Ford Deuce”, but the unique front end and steering set up are obviously “inspired” by Spencer’s 32. The Deuce was also offered in orange and red, and they are still around if you do some digging…

(apologies for the bad pictures- My iPhone wouldn’t focus on something that close!)


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