South Australian Drag Racing Footage

South Australian Drag Racing Footage

I demand to know who’s responsible for the sound track on these videos. They should be taken out back and beaten savagely. Or better yet, forced to stand all day and night on the elevator only roughly perched inside the Boise, Idaho Holiday Inn. No mercy should be shown or given. This deed must go punished.

I’d see to it myself, but I’m too busy admiring the incredible footage within. I know very little about it. The clips were sent to me by Drewfus who explained a friend of his is responsible for the unearthing. He’s claiming ignorance on the score and who could blame him?

The time period is somewhere around 1965 or so. Historically, Australians were typically about ten years behind the states in speed and style. You can see that here… It feels like 1955 and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Just make sure you man the mute button.

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