6 Days, 5 Classes, 5 Records…

6 Days, 5 Classes, 5 Records…

I’m like a junky looking for a score. Manic. I’ve got some place I have to be in 30 minutes and don’t have a post for today nor any idea for one. Had I remembered my appointment last night, I could have written up something so eloquent… so professional. But, I didn’t… And here I sit with nothing.

<fifteen minutes later>

So this fella does Bonneville in his Ardun powered ’37 Ford humpback sedan and takes home 5 records in 5 different classes. It happened during Speed Week in 2011, so I’m a little late to report. But hell – I bet I still scooped the “mainstream” boobs. What say you?

Check it out:

Bonneville Speedweek 2011 – 6 Days, 5 Classes, 5 Records from Tyler Lee Osborn on Vimeo.

Editor’s Note: With any luck, we will be back tomorrow with something a little more timely.


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