Vintage Hot Rod Decals

Vintage Hot Rod Decals

I love old water transfer decals. The way they look and feel on glass, the way you apply them, and especially the amazing artwork of a pre-computer graphics world. Slipping open that waxed paper sleeve and feeling the thick colors has a certain satisfaction. I’m always trolling around looking for a few more of these decals in nice condition to put on a toolbox or quarter window. Plenty of the more iconic 50s and 60s images from Edelbrock, Ansen, Weiand, B&M, etc. have been reproduced in modern stickers, so I’m all the more excited when I find real vintage decals that appear to be original and rare images. Here’s a few from my latest search for your enjoyment, and please add your own if you’ve got something good and out of print.


Editor’s Note: I did a similar post a few years back that piggybacks nicely off of this one. You can see it here.

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