Shelf Treasure: Scale Model Offy Motor in Brass

Shelf Treasure: Scale Model Offy Motor in Brass

We are slowly starting to clear out some of my dad’s archives, and one of the nicer ‘shelf treasures’ he had was this 1/6 (?) scale brass Offenhauser engine made by a company called Vintage Power out of Charlotte, NC. I don’t know too much about it, except for what I’ve learned from an Ebay auction listing: “This is an ultra rare 1999 Vintage Power Offenhauser Engine replica in 1/5th scale. It is cast in pure brass with more than 100 jewel-like components. It is mounted on a rosewood finished base affixed with an authentic Offy engine data plate and limited edition serial number plate.”

Mine is number 214 out of a reported 500 made, and judging by the prices people are asking for the few I’ve seen listed for sale, it’s a pretty valuable little model. I’ve found a very familiar looking one offered from GMP a year later (hence my 1/6th scale guess), but here are some significant differences. Anybody else have one of these brass Offy 255 motors from Vintage Power, or know anything about them?

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