1954 Kurtis 500KK Roadster

1954 Kurtis 500KK Roadster

I’m pretty darn spoiled when it comes to my work location. We are situated in the east Bay Area of Northern California within spitting distance of Fantasy Junction. For those of you not familiar with the iconic name, it’s not an adult bookstore as you may have reckoned. No sir, the fine folks at the Junction sell extremely high end luxury, race cars, and exotics, as they have for the past 36 years. They are passionate about all pedigrees of vintage cars, historic racing, and really know there stuff when it comes to Enzo-era Ferraris. The best part about this place (besides the fact that they are amazingly kind and good people), is that the inventory changes almost daily and the doors are always open. You can walk in one day and find a 100 point restored ’57 Fuelie Corvette, and 24 hours later a pristine Nash Healey roadster or AC Cobra will be sitting in it’s place.

This brings me to an amazing ride they currently have sitting on the floor: An S.C.o.T. supercharged Stovebolt 6 powered, aluminum bodied Kurtis in a drool worthy black on black livery (with black wire wheels!). This car is the embodiment of Bad Ass, and I wouldn’t change a single thing if I won the lottery and she were actually mine- It’s just that perfect. But don’t take my word for it, study the pictures and see if your pulse doesn’t speed up just a hair.

You can read the entire fascinating history of this black beauty here.

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