Old Signs

Old Signs


This one isn’t entirely on-topic… or on-topic at all, but interesting none-the-less. Much like old cars, I’ve always felt that a town gets its character from its past. Even a modern and well kept town like Austin allows for hints and snips of its past to remain visible by way of architecture, art, and the most obvious – signage.

Still, when you live around these little historical tid bits you often take them for granted. Drive by that same old sign every day and you might not hold it in the same esteem you did the first time you saw it. It’s only natural… And that’s one of the things that make traveling so much fun. Everything is fresh, new, and undiscovered.

I’ve been on the road in Phoenix the last couple of days and ran across a great old Chevrolet dealership sign (pictured above) along with a number of other great examples of early signage. It made me think that an image thread might be in order here… What are your favorite signs in your town? Post images…

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