Project ’38: Motor Mounts

Project ’38: Motor Mounts

I’ve had a crazy week that was capped with a scalpel just a few hours ago. I’m now sitting before you loaded on piss and morphine. Literally. If I were to write… I mean, really write… right now, there is no way to be certain that what came out would be appropriate or even comprehensible. As such, I’ve decided to let some images do the talking for me this morning.

Mr. Tardel is presently dropping the Y-Block between the rails of my ’38. I mentioned that we were running a Y-Block, didn’t I? Well, we are… But not just a regular old Y-Block – a Y-Block that runs on piss and morphine forcefully aspirated through a 4-71 blower topped by Stromberg’s finest… four of them…

More later.

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