A Family Affair

A Family Affair

A buddy of mine sent over the above image early last week. His timing was impeccable.

I don’t know any specifics regarding the photo or the car, but I see a hard working man with a flair for flash. Only a man with a good comprehension for lines would stand so proudly next to the best factory custom to ever leave Detroit. And only a supremely confident man would challenge those lines with such a distinctive paint job. Of course, he’s also a family man… He’s got an older girl, a middle boy, and a new young baby girl. Just like me.

Juniper Jay Cochran

Little Juno came to us a bit early last week and as such, my schedule has been completely flipped upside down. She’s totally worth it… But a few of you guys have paid the price. I’m afraid I am a week late with both shipping merch and Alliance tags. And, of course, the next two weeks I am going to be incredibly busy keeping up with my complete family. Even so, I promise to get busy shipping this week. If any of you are running short on patience, just shoot me an email and I’ll cancel your order – no problem. The rest of you can sit tight and comfortable knowing I’m getting there. Promise.

I’ve never really taken a hiatus from posting here on The Jalopy Journal, but I might have to for the next ten days or so. For or good or ill, I really need to write. Let’s see how it goes…


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