Articles Of The Year

Articles Of The Year


So as 2007 comes to a close, I thought it would be interesting to crunch some numbers and list the top 10 posts in the last year on the The Jalopy Journal. Essentially, I took the number of page views and the number of replies and figured their percentage of the user base after taking site growth out of the formula. Make sense? Don’t sweat it… Just enjoy the posts.

1. The Ferrari Shoot
I’ve never had more fun writing an article than I had with this one, so I was pretty stoked to see folks enjoyed it as much as I did. This one spread past our little world too… Folks like Road & Track, MSNBC, and Autoblog picked up and ran little features of their own on the story.

2. A Day In A Crazy Man’s Life
This one really surprised me. I wrote this article in a matter of minutes without any kind of expectation. For one reason or another, folks responded. Maybe we are all crazy.

3. Cole Foster
One of my favorite builders and a great guy. You all must love him as much as I do.

4. Women In Hot Rodding
This one was posted just a couple of weeks ago, but still managed to rack up enough page views and comments to make the list. The conversation that was spawned off the article is actually much more interesting than the article itself. A perfect example of the community providing better content than… well, me!

5. Understanding Context
Closing out the top-5 is an article I didn’t even remember writing until I read it again. We all love old shit.

6. Ranche De Tardel (Part 2, 3, 4, 5)
Part 2 was actually the most popular, but I thought all 5 deserved the spot. These five days were the best “car days” of my year. I love the Tardels.

7. The Mabee Special
An article that began in my home town of Midland, TX… It never ceases to amaze me how small the hot rod world really is.

8. Inspiration
This post is actually a continuation of two other posts that were written in 2006 (Part 1 & 2). The stuff you guys came up with is breathtaking.

9. Gary Howard
Gary is one of my heroes and after interviewing him, I got to check off an item from my dream list.

10. Concept Art
From Tim Conder to just some guy… This post started a thread where concept art rules.


And that concludes the first ever Jalopy Journal count down… Some of you might not realize that all of the old posts from the Jalopy Journal are still available. To access them, use the search panel located on the right side of the page. From there, you can search posts by keyword, by month posted, or by post category. It’s super simple and there is some pretty neat stuff in our forgotten archives.

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