For Miles In Circles…

For Miles In Circles…

Josh Shaw sent me an email the other day with the title of, “Check this shit out!” And when he does something like that, I pay attention and you fellas reap the rewards… See, Josh has been recently corresponding with Rich Harmon – a 71 year old man that has been mesmerized by Sprint and Champ cars since the 1950’s. Rich caught wind that Josh really appreciated vintage images of the cars in the pits and on trailers because the still life shots go a long way towards helping Josh with his restoration projects. So, what does Rich do?

He sends Josh a crap load of images taken at the Duquoin Mile and the Springfield Mile in the late 1960’s. Most of which are either pit or trailer shots. The details are incredible to study. You can really see the simplicity of the times and the openness of the racing. You didn’t need a ton of money – you just needed a race car, a tow car, a trailer, some ingenuity, and a whole bunch of guts. It’s gorgeous. It’s inspiring… It’s everything racing should be.

You are going to dig the hell out of this:

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