The Art of the Drop Top Chop…

The Art of the Drop Top Chop…

‘If it was so easy that anyone could do it, then it wouldn’t really be that cool anymore’, or so the saying goes. Correctly chopping a convertible top is right up there on the customizing difficultly list with body sectioning and fender fading. To get the geometry right takes a thinking man like Keith Tardel (yes, the Hot Rod Revolution co-founder and Ryan’s better looking brother). There is a good reason most customizers in the 50s went with the Carson top on a chopped convertible: It was a heck of a lot easier to get the right lowered profile with a padded and fixed top than to actually cut up the folding structure, re-angle it, and make it function properly.

Keith’s work has just begun, but you can already see the extra care given to reforming the A pillar’s profile after the 3″ chop, pie-cutting the header above the windshield, and making each cut as clean and efficient as possible. Stay tuned for the final results from Rancho Tardel with a little off the top. He’s off to a good start, wouldn’t ya say?

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