Tech Week: VOTE NOW!

Tech Week: VOTE NOW!

Well fellas… We’ve had two weeks of tech posts and now it’s time to pick a winner. We will let this run for a week and then, at the end of that time, the winner will officially be known as a lucky bastard thanks to:

Baileigh Industrial ($1000 in Baileigh Bucks)

Legacy Industrial ($200 Gift Certificate)

Gear Drive Speed & Custom (a set of SBC headers)

That’s close to $2000 worth of shit for nothing more than showing off your brilliance. How about that?

We had a ton of entries this time around and narrowing it down to ten nominations was no easy task, but between Zman and the rest of the crew we were able to make it happen. And now, it’s time…

So, what are you waiting for?!?

VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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