Tech Week: The Ultimate Hook-Up

Tech Week: The Ultimate Hook-Up

I went into the house and stood in the center of what must have once been the living room. It was hard to tell, because I had never seen such utter chaos. Every piece of furniture had been smashed; debris littered the floors – broken glass, torn clothing, empty cans, wine and beer bottles, crockery, boxes. Every door had been ripped off its hinges, and a large hole gaped where an air conditioner had been torn away and carted off. The word “H.A.M.B.” had been scrawled in large red letters over a caved-in bed and used as a target for bottles and anything else that came to hand. Under it was written, “Tech Week Bitches!” All the walls had been defaced…

I sat down on the only stable chair in the house and waited. I wasn’t sure how the house became so disheveled. Maybe it was typical. There was no way to be sure as I had never been there and was only given the address a few hours before by a receptionist working the phones at Baileigh Industrial. I was utterly confused about what had happened before and was cold frightened by what could happen next. As my mind began to wonder over the possibilities, the light of the open front door was blocked by a familiar silhouette.

It was Shane, a Baileigh man, in a condition that can only be described as disorderly. His jeans were ripped and stained with oil. His tattered shirt appeared to have once been blue, but was now black with grease. Only the Baileigh logo showed through the filth. He seemed to stare off in the distance – straight through me. He didn’t say a word… He just reached into his well worn leather jacket and handed me a crisp white envelope in pristine condition. It quite literally glowed amongst the rubbish around us.

And just as he came, he left – never saying a word. I opened the envelope to find a letter:

This is the SUPER BOWL of tech weeks – the ULTIMATE HOOK-UP. Despite your drunken behavior of the past, Baileigh Industrial has been providing metal shaping and fabrication solutions to the HAMB crowd for years. You will not dishonor that by writing one of your aimless stories.

This is a serious event and will start on March 1. After two weeks of tech posts, you will post a poll that allows users to vote for their favorite tech post. This vote will last one week and after, you will present the winner with the following prizes:

1. $1000 in Baileigh Bucks to be spent on anything Baileigh carries.

2. $200 gift certificate from Legacy Industrial.

3. 1 set of small block chevy headers from Gear Drive Speed & Custom.

It starts now. Get out of my house.

– Shane

I’ve crossed Shane in the past and know well what he is capable of. He has the temper of a shark and access to tools that can do great damage to both fingers and toes alike. As such, this is a tech week that we should all take very seriously. I can’t guarantee the safety of anyone that posts bad tech. It could get ugly quickly.

And that’s not even considering the fellas at Legacy Industrial – the official flooring supplier of Atomic Industry. They are experts in the field of concrete and know all too well its ability to displace water. Concrete shoes gentlemen…

Our only sense of security is SaltFlatMatt’s involvement…┬áThis fellas is gonna be good.

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