A Walther For Your Hot Rod

A Walther For Your Hot Rod

I totally stole these images from Brian Bass. I have no idea where he found them and didn’t waste any time asking. I figure the worst he can do is shoot me, but seeing as I carry as well, a shootout would be an almost certain outcome. And, as Texans, I can’t think of a better demise for either of us. Regardless, the source of this inspiration is beside the point.

I’m not typically into “accessories” for cars. The very idea of “accessorizing” makes me think of Coco Chanel – the french fashion designer who famously said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory. Less is always more.” And yes, I just did that. I just quoted some french chick famous for designing the little black dress on The Jalopy Journal. What are YOU gonna do? Shoot me?

Anyway, if I owned the Ferrari pictured here I think I would remove some other accessory when I looked in the mirror. The Walther has something intangible going for it. It tells a story with a glance. Imagine, if you will, a well-to-do Brit driving through the country side outside London in his brand new 1955 Ferrari 410. You don’t get to where he is without collecting a few enemies. He realizes that and is prepared for anything. The jealous wife hell-bent on revenge, the rogue employee with a score to settle, the business competitor looking to end a monopoly, a thief with an eye on opportunity… The Walther can handle it all.

Of course, it all goes back to hot rods. It always does. And this made me think about what firearms would be appropriate in different cars of the American Speed variety. I quickly thought back to Brian Bass. I imagine he would be coming at me in one of his early hot rods holstering something like a Colt 6-shooter. To counter, I’d be in my ’39 sedan with a 1911. He’d have no chance.

So, slow your roll Brian… I got this.


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