The Electroline Diaries

The Electroline Diaries

There is a romantic side to car clubs. A few guys that are close friends with common interests, common bonds, and common goals. Together, they can accomplish more than they could alone. Sure there is a “cool” element to being a loner, but being a part of a productive car club shows something more – heart.

I’ve been an admirer of the Choppers of Burbank since my early days of exploring the world of traditional hot rods and customs. I studied and knew their cars before I had ever met a single member. Early style hot rods and customs that shared a look of sorts – simple, subtle, and designed with a smart eye. They were then and still are the perfect output of a group of guys that know their shit and genuinely appreciate each other.

It wasn’t until later that I started to discover each member as an individual. First was Keith Weesner. One of my favorite artists… He was special in that he was a real artist that just happened to paint the things that I was into. In person, he was as reserved as the cars in his club.

And then I went to Billetproof this year. I was sitting alone in my booth when someone I didn’t know took a seat beside me. After a few minutes of bullshittin’, that person introduced himself as Verne Hammond. The name was noteable to me as the guy that built one of my favorite ’34 Fords of all time. I felt instantly as if I had known Verne for years. He was just as likable as his car.

A few hours later, Deron Wright introduced himself and handed me a copy of the Electroline Diaries. More of the same… I knew his ’41 Ford custom as one of smartest early style customs built in a long while. Deron was just as smart and like Verne, just as likable.

One by one I met most of the other members of the club that day. They were all great and somehow knowing them made me appreciate each club car even more. The common style of the Chopper’s cars seemingly comes from something they all share. As I was flying back to Texas, I searched for the words to describe that style eloquently. I couldn’t do it.

Laurent Bagnard, however, could… The Electroline Diaries (by Barnard) is a collection of photos and thoughts in and around the Choppers car club. It’s incredible…

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