The Tuck Fire Fund

The Tuck Fire Fund

How can this be? For the second time this year, one of my good buddies has lost his shop to a brutal fire. This time, it’s Tuck. An electrical short in one of his shop’s walls ignited a flame that was accelerated by his stored paint products. WIthin minutes, his shop was literally gone. Everything inside it? Gone as well…

As you might imagine, Tuck is a wreck. He’s lost and not sure what to do or where to go next. The building itself was covered by insurance, but the contents were not. All of his tools were lost. A number of great projects are trashed. A lot of rare parts are gone. Essentially, Tuck lost his lifetime collection.

The past couple of days, I’ve been contacted by a number of his buddies. They all want to help and we figured a fund similar to what we did for Gary Howard was in order. So, that’s what I’m doing today – announcing the Tuck Fire Fund. Details on how you can participate can be found here.

Tuck isn’t very excited about this idea. Like Gary, he feels pretty weird about asking for help. So, we are doing it for him… and for his own good. This isn’t a tax. This isn’t something you are obligated to participate in. If you know Tuck, love him like we do, and want to help out – this is your opportunity. Simple as that.

Again, all the details are here.

I’ll end with the devastation. A little warning… These are hard to look at:

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