Bed Time

Bed Time

I’m not one of those parents that forces ideas on their kids. I like the idea of my kids growing up to be whatever the hell they want to be, naturally. Religion, politics, likes, dislikes… My goal is simply to give them the tools so that they are properly educated to form their own unbiased opinions. What they become will be a result of their own decisions – not mine.

So, I don’t really give a shit if any of my kids are into hot rods or not. Old cars are my thing and they don’t have to be the passion of anyone else in the family. It’s just not a driver for me, so I don’t force anything down their throats.

My son, Miller, is three and he pretty much sees the world as I do. He’s shy, reserved, and doesn’t talk much. He likes Barbies as much as he likes slot cars and isn’t big on loud noises at all. Farts make him laugh.

I have no idea if he is going to be a hot rodder or not and don’t care either way. Of course, he will naturally be exposed to a lot of hot rod things simply because he’s around a lot of them, but I don’t make him sit out in the garage with me or turn wrenches, or anything like that. I do, however, have one tradition that might predispose him a little more to grease and gas than the average kid.

See, every night at bed time we watch vintage cartoons on the iPad. Popeye, Bugs Bunny, Droopy Dog, and Donald Duck are all regular characters. Two or three of them, however, are viewed just as much for my pleasure as they are for his… and I figured you guys might like them too.


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