The Sights and Sounds of 462 Miles Per Hour…

The Sights and Sounds of 462 Miles Per Hour…

Poteet and Main Speed Demon is the twin turbo, 2,200 horsepower streamliner that recently ran the the fastest speed ever recorded by a wheel driven, non-jet engined car on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Back in September, she recorded an entry speed of 452.94 mph, a mile speed of 457.96 mph and an exit speed of 462.34 mph during the Mike Cook Bonneville Shootout… Pretty damn amazing.

The Demon was extremely fast, but not consistent enough to set an official record, which requires drivers to make two record-breaking passes within one hour. (Each pass is 7 miles and the terminal speed is recorded at the last mile.) The average of the two “flying miles” is what sets the record for the books. Although Poteet made several runs in excess of 400 mph, transmission issues kept him from backing any of them up within the allotted time. Therefore, Al Teague still holds the FIA record of 406.32 mph from 2002. (Still, 460+ mph isn’t too shabby for a one way speed.)

Enjoy this video of 677 feet per second flying by. It’s hard to appreciate the blinding speed here because there are no nearby objects zooming past, except the flat ground. Still, the sights and sounds of this extremely high speed trial that most of us will never get to personally experience is great to observe… Crank it up!

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