The Revolution Count Down

The Revolution Count Down

The young soldier lies in the afternoon sun, gut shot.  The bitter tang of cordite and blood mingles in his mouth. In his hand, an army issued .45, still warm. He lies propped against the lone cottonwood. A mile distant, dust trails mark a coming reckoning. Three jeeps, maybe more.

His eyes shift upward to a circling vulture, a sentinel of inevitability. The blood is almost black. He has another hour at most. ┬áThe pain comes in waves, lingering like the burn of bad whiskey. And then… He hears the rumble of a flathead in the distance. Wait, he hears the rumble of multiple flatheads and maybe even an overhead or two coming on fast.

A roadster flashes by headed straight for the enemy jeeps. A coupe and another roadster follows. He is blinded by the dust kicked up by the bias-ply tires. He is deafened by the roar. It all happens so fast and then it’s over. He awakens in military hospital somewhere in Texas. Saved by mad hot rodders bent on a REVOLUTION.

The Revolution is coming. On December 10, we will save the world. Or, at least, have a damn good time. I decided to randomly take some images from my registered folder and post them here solely to pimp the quality that this show features. It’s gonna rule.

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