Fame And Terror At 200 MPH

Fame And Terror At 200 MPH

“For doctors and lawyers and engineers and people like that, drag racing is release, and one day a week on a ribbon of black asphalt in a field somewhere on the perimeter of a town is like a day spent under a billow of sail. For the others, the ones with that Rock Around the Clock gleam in their eyes and combs forever swishing through their hair, it is “full of kicks, man.” For spectators, who pay for the privilege of inhaling exhaust fumes and having their ears buffeted by painful, unceasing noise, it is the promise of the macabre and the vicarious thrill of speed.”

To continue reading this 1964 Sports Illustrated article focusing on Mr. Don Garlits, click here. You’ll be glad ya did.

(Editor’s Note: Thanks for the heads up Mark!)


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