1955 Chevrolets

1955 Chevrolets

1955 Chevrolet

If the ’32 Ford is the forefather of hot rodding, the ’55 Chevy will forever be the challenger. I could easily flow right into some “American Graffitti” dialog here, but you’ve all seen the movie and you all know where I am going with this… As cliché as tri-five Chevies are and more specifically the ’55 Chevy, it’s easy to forget the truly amazing history of the car.

A designed inspired by Enzo Ferrari creations, the first production car with a 1-to-1 horsepower to cubic inch ratio, performance numbers matching those of cars almost twice the price, etc… Forget poodle skirts, lawn chairs, and a-side Beach Boys tracks. The ’55 Chevy was an ass kicker man…

And this was all just baseline stuff. The potential was/is off the charts. “ShakeyPuddin55” proves it with his newly completed ’55.

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