Baileigh Tech Week Winner

Baileigh Tech Week Winner

Well damn… That was easy. We had the voting mechanism up for all of three hours before it became obvious who was gonna win. Neal gets to take home the $1000 in Baileigh bucks for his post detailing the installation of a jump seat in the bed of his RPU. Well deserved… But there is some controversy to ponder here.

I’m sure Neal is a super talented guy. I’m sure he is capable of welding a couple of pieces of metal together. BUT, this whole “I’m gonna make a jump seat from scratch” thing stinks. See, it’s actually a closely held secret that Ford manufactured RPU jump seats back in the day. Ford kept it quiet because they were embarrassed by the synergy they forecasted to eventually share with Subaru… and who wants to share anything with those guys?

At the end of the day, Neal stole the credit… and the $1000 in Baileigh Bucks! Bastard!

Awe well. Special thanks to all the guys that made this event happen. You all rule.

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