Eddie woke up to the sight of a popcorn ceiling he didn’t recognize and the feel of silk sheets he didn’t own. He only had to turn his head to get answers to the questions he was asking himself. Laying beside him was a pale skinned brunette with curves so pronounced that sheets couldn’t hide them. Homeboy had scored something serious last night…

Proud of his conquest, Eddie slid out of the bed, taking care not to awaken his new friend, and went to where he figured that bathroom was. He guessed right and was pleased to see a full length mirror hanging on the wall.

“Holy hell,” he thought to himself. “I’m one fine looking machine…”

That’s right fellas… We haven’t had a vanity thread in some years and I figured it was high time. This thread is a call for your best photo of each of your cars. You can only post one of each – don’t be a hog. Here’s mine:

What you got?


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